We are scheduled to fly out to Spain tomorrow for a well deserved rest. Hopefully the ash clouds will stay away and we will enjoy a relaxing week in the sun. See you on the down side!

Grey’s Court

We discovered Grey's Court today, another new National Trust property on the way to Henley-on-Thames. I think the photo's speak for themselves (more on Flickr).


I wrote this brief hints and tips mail for a friend of mine regarding things to do in Paris. It turned out not to be so brief and I could have written much more. Anyway it received great feedback from him (and the people I sent it to) so I thought I'd share it with …

St Paul’s

I am really pleased how well this snap came out - it was a spare of the moment thing that I too and uploaded. It was only a result of the Flickr activity that made me realise what such a good shot it is.

Deliveries this way…

No going back now I have successfully delivered my painting for the Summer Exhibition Nothing I can do now but wait for the result In May (bites finger nails)