Me & My Baby


What can I tell you about Richard? Well we have been together for several years and confirmed our union with our Civil Partnership Ceremony on 21 October 2006.

In 2017 we completed the transition of our Civil Partnership to a Marriage.

Richard and I both come from the same city so we have a whole background of things that we share. It’s nice to be able to relate to things in our past and have an idea of the locations and situations that arise from them.

Unlike me, Richard has a fair size family and spends as much time as he can visiting them. He’s a devoted uncle and godfather.

Richard has a very eclectic taste and is always open to suggestions of new music, new experiences and culture. It’s so refreshing to not be pigeonholed into the gay stereotypes. We are both very individual and enjoy this aspect of our nature and relationship.

We are both members of the National Trust and English Heritage and since we have been together we have visited numerous properties and enjoyed many walks and tours.

Richard is passionate about photography and was the main inspiration for me taking up the hobby. He has a very good eye and knows a thing or two about good composition.

He is a big fan of electronic and synthesised music and he owns his own keyboard.
I love my baby so much 😉 xxxxx

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