New House or New House Boat?

St Neots

Today we continued our quest for a new home and took or planned trip into St Neots, Cambridgeshire to have a look around, get a feel for the place and to see what was on offer.

There is a path in there somewhere!

What neither of us expected was the amount of water that was around.  The river Ouse had burst its banks due to nearly 14 hours of torrential rain.  This made for an interesting drive and of course didn’t show St Neots or the surroundings areas in the best light.

As perverse as this sound it does helps us to understand how Cambridgeshire can be a victim of the weather and more importantly it gives us an indication of how the area can cope during such a deluge.

We spent most of the day driving around, avoiding the rain and getting a good indication of what we could get for our money.  As usual there’s much more on offer outside of London.  It’s simply a trade-off between the commute and the cost of property.

Whilst exploring the villages we ended up at The White Horse in Tilbrook where we had one of the best Pub Sunday Lunches I think I have ever had.  The food was all freshly prepared (including the Yorkshire Puddings and the stuffing) and it all arrived piping hot and in plentiful supply.

Following our excursion we popped by Camborne to have a peep at our friends house and were happy to report to them that it’s all as they left it before heading off to Boston.

Of course going to Camborne made me feel a little sad as they are not there anymore but it also gave us the opportunity to have a look around the Estate Agents to see what was on offer.  After all the searching it does feel that Camborne is still very much on our possible list.

I guess only time will tell…

Richard have a wander around Church Street, St Neots

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