Se a vida è

Once again we spent another evening celebrating/commiserating friends moving abroad.

Whilst it’s sad that people move on it’s also a great opportunity to reminisce and to make new friends along the way.

Of course the world is infinetly smaller therefore it’s not a problem as travel is so accessible.

We had a fantastic meal amongst what was a manic but very fun evening in Camberwell.

There were lots of very different characters around the table that it made for an interesting evening (I could write a book on each of the participants!)

It’s been nice to learn that our friends who recently moved to Boston appear to be settling in well. Of course it’s early days but first reports are very encouraging.

On a completely separate subject I got bitten by the Pandemonium bug having watched and listened to the CD/DVD since release, that I have booked to see the Pet Shop Boys play Brighton in the summer 😉

4 thoughts on “Se a vida è

  1. Yes, blogging definitely suits your site. It’s always been nice to read about the life of a classic PSB-fan from Britain 😉

    I am going to see the boys performing on a German TV show tomorrow night! Yay!

    Have a great weekend and keep on blogging 🙂

    Regards from Germany, Tanja

    1. Tanja that is very kind of you to say so

      I hope you enjoy the show tomorrow – I know you will!

      I am going to see the show in Brighton in the summer – I cannot wait. Seeing Neil and Chris in concert is always so much fun

      All the best 🙂

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